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Thanks everyone for your response. In amswer tp some of your questions I've have blood tests for heart, heart cath, echo, stress thalium a few months back. My cardiologist in the past 20 years has known about my chest pain and upper back pain and has done numerous tests. I have a hernation in my neck from a whiplash injury and a hernation in my low back, fibromyalgia, costochrondritis. So I'm a mess.

I had the gastro doc do cholonoscopy, endocopy twice in the past 5 years. This seems to happen yearly nouts of this and he told me reflux can cause this type of chest pain and shoulder blade pain. It's like a burning pain. I only get occasional heartburn, never had much of heartburn just belching alot and the above pains.

I've been to the hosp numerous times with chest pain thats why they did a workup but you still never know with chest pains. Just wanted to know if anyone else gets this with GERD. Just reassurance. The chest pain seems to be worse when I lay down and rest that's why I was wondering if anyone has experienced chest pain like that cause it is so close to heart symptoms.

Aslo Neuro tells me it can be caused from my neck and brachial nerves, who knows, I have so much going on and hate to run to the ER with every chest pain i've gotten through the years. I would live in the ER. Thanks again for your replys and if anyone else experiences chest pain when laying down, please respond if you thinks GERD has caused this to happen to you. The burnging pain in shoulder blade gets bad off and on during the day.


just so you know, its always when I lay down that I get it the worst. I have the EXACT same symptoms as you. I get a lot of belching too, and I dont have any of the heart burn symptoms. Pepcid ac complete has helped me amazingly.


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