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[QUOTE=lodgen]i had a breath test in oct last year which was positve due to heartburn and
coughing from reflux. went on the two week treatment and went on prevacid
till two weeks ago and stopped , going friday for endoscopy and will do
breath test to make sure i got rid of it.

this is my experence form this problem

first take a probitic during and two months after treament the best one
i know of is from florasmart its the one that paases the stomach and goes
directly to the intestines.

take all you medices on time as told by doctor

after you are finshed you will have some stomach upset , and i had a lot
then i had hemmroids due to the reflux and not eating enough and it
caused consitpation.

eat fiber and make sure your bowels move i have a lot of gas now since coming off ppis and i will take more probitics and hopefully it will clear up.

breath test and endoscopy it your best shot for retest the blood test will
show positve results for a while due to h plyori stay in it after your

i went to a gastro and he told me to get off them and see how it goes
i weaned off from 2 to 1 and 15 day ago , you do not want to stay on
these to long unless your really need them i went two monts and quit
it was hard to due but you try it for two weeks and see if it works my
gastro told me to quit and he was right.

this is been a horrible time i lost 30 pounds and my stomach was battered
the good thing id my diet is clean and i am feeling a little better and no
more ppis to take, it will take time but it will get better

hope anyone who goes threw this to think positve and bear threw it


Interesting to hear your story. I was having stomach pain for 2 months back in Oct 03 and went to see my Doctor in early Jan 2004. They found I was positive for H.Pylori. They prescribed 2 weeks of antibiotics which I finsihed.
In the meantime I also was sent for an Upper GI test. They diagnosed me with Reflux and duodenitis........ this could have been caused by the H.Pylori

So I have been off the antibiotics now for 2 weeks and take 1 Losec 20mg per day. I am still having some stomach pain, gas, flatulence etc. I have also started taking Metamucil for the past 3 weeks and it has helped me in keeping regular BM....

I guess in listening to other people who have had HP it does take time to clear up. I think by me taking the Losec also clears up the reflux and the duodenitis. My next step is to see my Doc in March to get retested to make sure the HP is totally gone.


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