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Thanks, Suzy. But forgive me for being dumb, what is an endoscopy?

Also, what would you say is the typical age-range for this? Can it happen to anyone at any age? What causes it? (Other than acidic foods)
hI :wave:
It is very important for any one suffering from acid indigestion or reflux to have it looked at and treated. The doctors now think that reflux can cause throat cancer, which is what I had in 2002. Although I did smoke as well. Reflux is caused when some of the stomach's acidic contents surge upwards and burn the tissues of the oesophagus.
Some of the symptoms are heartburn, acidic tastes in the moutn,difficulties in swallowing,painful swallowing, chest pain, burning in the throat, hoarsness and cough and symptons of asthma in some. It does not matter if you have some or all symtons. Get checked. Treatmaent can be as simple as a change of diet, increased excersise, weight loss. :bouncing:
I had these symptons and still have, although now they are 10 times worse after the cancer operation. I am to have the laparoscopy procedure (keyhole surgery) later this year. :D

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