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Hi Savanna!

Sorry I haven't responded to your last questions; didn't go on-line all weekend. Glad my previous comments were helpful to you!

I'm glad you are opting for a lap surgery -- that should solve the problems if any questions remain after colonoscopy. Like I said earlier, it sure sounds like your gall bladder could be the culprit!

Colonoscopy IS easy (make sure they put you "out" totally) and the most annoying part to me was trying to plan around taking the preparatory "drinks" beforehand, and then having to spend time in the bathroom so some TV programs I planned to watch were missed :)

Anyhow, I am now just one month post-op plus a couple of days from the gall bladder removal, and my digestion is pretty much normal. I have the occasional rogue pain here and there but nothing bad or constant. Doc's office says it takes TIME to heal and give it a few months.

At first after surgery, for more than a week, I was horribly constipated, possibly from the pain killers and anesthesia, which will definitely do that to a person. I had expected a lot of diarrhea (based on what I had read) but once my system started up that really wasn't the case. I wondered when my system would get back on track but everyone warned that it takes TIME so I just tried to be patient.

Finally, very uncomfortable and bloated after 8+ days of little bowel activity, I drank a big glass of prune juice and boy that really did the trick. For about two+ weeks now I have been feeling quite fine and find that bowel action is generally directly related to amount of liquids taken in, and types of foods eaten, and medications taken, just as was the case BEFORE my surgery.

My system was still moving slowly recently so I took to drinking a small glass of prune juice each night and that worked like a charm. I may have overdone it, though, by eating high fiber cereal, salad each day, drinking the prune juice, AND going back to my use of Milk Thistle -- which is a great antioxidant for anyone's liver and virtually the ONLY side affect of it when taken in normal doses is a "slight laxative effect" experienced by some people.

So...I think I can cut back on the prune juice perhaps. Thus far, however, I have not experienced any incidents of the bile salt diarrhea that a few people have after gall bladder removal. From what I read, this usually is experienced very soon after eating so it's fairly easy to tell if that's what it is, or if you've just eaten something that doesn't agree with you. Usually in that case you wouldn't know immediately but would get "sick" a few hours later.

I do know from reading a lot about this that post-gallbladder removal effects can be felt immediately after surgery or sometimes months, years or even decades later! So, everyone just has to see how they react to this but I must say I am VERY glad I had the thing removed with its little stones, scar tissue, etc. The main reason I had the surgery was because I did not want more or worse attacks and didn't want them at any inopportune times, like on vacation, out of town, etc. That's what convinced me to get it done because other than the pains I had suffered and one big attack only, I felt fine in between and never had problems with vomiting, etc., just a little momentary nausea on occasion. The only foods that bothered me before surgery (for about a year) were dairy, i.e., ice cream, and really greasy foods.

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask. Katie G. REALLY knows all about this topic so it's good to see her responses to you as well!

Keep us informed! For the record, I should change my moniker to something OTHER than "Fear of Surgery" now that I have no such fears anymore.... Take care and good luck with the next step!

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