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The surgey itself was great. I asked for valium for the night before, knowing I wouldn't sleep. I took one at 3 p.m. on Sun and a second at 9 p.m. I slept GREAT (unlike Saturday night where I was in tears and worrying about dying and leaving my children with no mother, all parents here understand I know). I went to work Monday morning as I didn't have to be at the surgery center until 12:40. I didn't feel nervous at all thanks to the valium. I knew I should be nervous and would start to think about surgery, complications, etc. but would immediately relax. I wouldn't hesitate to ask for it if you're at all aprehensive.

I checked in at 12:30 and was in the pre-op room by 12:45. I had to pee in a cup to prove I wasn't pregnant :) and then change into the gown (nothing underneath as they scrub a large area of your stomach/chest). I took out my contacts, put my hair up, got my glasses and lovely surgery hairnet on and settled back. My husband was allowed to come in as soon as she put the IV in. They gave me antibiotics through the IV immediately. We sat there until 1:20 or so (scheduled for 1:40 surgery) and I was somewhat nervous, but again, the valium really helped because I just kept thinking "let's get it over with" versus "I want to run out the door".

I had to pee after all the IV liquids so they let me go do that and then the drug dr. came in and went over my chart. My mom gets very sick from the gas so I told her that (I've never been under so I didn't know what to expect). The dr. said she'd give me something for the nausea and some demerol before I left the OR so I wouldn't be in pain when I woke up. She then gave me the Versaid and things got really fun. It's a GREAT drug. I said goodbye to my dh and went to the room - I don't remember the journey in, but I remember scooting over to the table and then they restrained my arms/legs - however they put warm blankets on both and I had been freezing so it felt really good. I had to uncross my ankles (I was so relaxed) and they put white circles on my chest - I think the leads for the monitor? I next woke up in recovery.

I asked the time twice (you're very foggy and can't remember stuff) and it was 2:30 and then 2:40. My husband came in, then left (to make phonecalls to tell everyone I was fine) and I was VERY thirsty. I guess the nurse/my husband joked about me being demanding. I drank two glasses of water and she said I could go home. I was in the car driving through the Walgreens drive-through to get my meds at 3:00 - amazing. I took the meds in the car, not wanting to feel any pain (hadn't yet, just a general soreness and felt very dizzy walking)

Went home and slept until 5, when dh left to get the kids. They came in at 6 to see me (they're 5 and 6 and very interested in operations lol) and I got up to pee, walk around a bit. I had bleeding from 2 of my 4 incisions due to getting up/down to pee, but nothing too bad and it stopped completely by 10:30.

I then started the not-so-fun part of getting sick. I was sick a total of 5 times between 6 p.m. and 10:30 and once more at 1:30 a.m. At first I thought it was the gas, then I thought it was the pain pills so I stopped taking those after 7 p.m. I think it might have been a combination of both. The dr. gave me a long skinny ice-pack which I live with on my stomach -it's great and keeps the swelling/pain down. All last night I couldn't even feel the cold (my belly felt numb) but today I can feel it more. The two small side incisions are perfect, no bleeding, no pain. The belly button one is an inch long and the upper center one is about 3/4's inch - my gallbladder was attached to the stomach and small intestines (possibly the liver too) so I think they had to work a bit to get it out. It looked fine, just wasn't functioning per the dr. I go see him next Monday for a follow-up.

I took one pain pill this morning and was able to sleep about 3 hours - each time I sleep I feel better. Sitting upright (like at the computer :rolleyes: ) is toughest.

I've eaten virutally nothing (2 half cups of yogurt) because I kept throwing up yesterday but I'm going to try some soup now. I very afraid of eating a lot of fat because the last few times I threw up it was all bile (nothing in my stomach) and I'm afriad the fat will produce more and make me sick. So I'm going to be very careful.

One of my great fears was once I realized I was going to be sick, that the action of actually throwing up would 1) hurt like hell or 2) make me rip out everything. It really wasn't as bad as I thought. Once I got through that the first time, I didn't dread it so much because I did feel better afterwards (it had to be the excess gas I think).

I feel bloated in my belly area, but had little gas pain up in my shoulders from it rising - some right after I got home, but I slept and that helped and then some last night, but none today.

All in all, it's an amazing thing that they can remove an organ and you head home just over an hour later and can be up somewhat the next day.

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