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Keep pushing the docs about the gall bladder. Your symptoms, even WITHOUT stones, sound suspicious for GB disease.

It could be scarred and you wouldn't know it until it is removed. Others on these threads have had similar experiences.

Of course, you could have IBS, and various other ailments, but I'd keep pushing for more gall bladder investigation. Did they do ultrasound AND Hida Scan with CCK injection?

Two different tests -- sometimes if they don't see stones on ultrasound they give up on the gall bladder. Big mistake. Sometimes even HIDA scan is fine but GB is diseased!

Question: do you ever feel slightly nauseated for no apparent reason? A nausea that doesn't amount to anything but just is enough to bother you for a few minutes, and can even be unrelated to food? That's classic for GB trouble. Also, if dairy and greasy/fried foods bother you the most, that's another sign.

I had little tiny pains/aches in the area just under the lowest right ribs that I absentmindedly ignored until AFTER the fact when I put it all together.

Surgeon told me (I DID have stones so no problem getting them to take out the GB) I had had MANY "attacks" I was not even aware of because they could tell from all the scar tissue! I had thought I had only ONE GB "attack."

Like I said, you could have other digestive problems, but if the Nexium isn't helping, and you still have these symptoms, ask about gall bladder again. By the way, some people DO feel GB pains on the upper LEFT side of the abdomen, or in the center, around the navel, not the right side, which is typical.

As is true with the POST-op recovery, anything goes when it comes to problems/pains anywhere in the abdominal cavity. It can be a real mystery unraveling what's wrong with us much of the time.

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