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I posted here last week that I was having off and on nausea, fullness, indigestion for the past 6 weeks. I went to the doctor and had every blood test known to man and everything was normal. She scheduled the CT scans, mostly because she knows how paranoid I am. Well, I had the scans today, and she called this afternoon to ask how I was feeling. I told her I had felt great for the past 4 days, but that this is what has been happening - I feel lousy for a few days, then great for a few...

She then told me (I think this is what she said, because I got so scared that I'm not sure I heard correctly!) that the radiologist thought the area around my bile duct and pancreas looked larger than it should and he recommended an MRI. She is really puzzled. I had my gallbladder taken out 13 years ago and she is thinking that it may be a stone, or even scar tissue built up. As we talked, I reminded her that I had been in to see her 3 years ago - same symptoms,nausea, which felt better when I forced myself to eat, but no real other symptoms. After reminding her of that,she told me it was HIGHLY unlikely that it was pancreatic cancer, since I was fine for 3 years. And now that I think of it, it happened a few years before that too. So altogether in the past 10 years,I can remember 3 bouts of this - all after my gallbladder was removed.

My doctor is now having the chief radiologist read the Cat Scan because she is puzzled, but reassured me, or tried to, because of the perfectly normal blood tests and the prolonged period of years that this has troubled me. I am scared to death and the more I read, the more frightened I become. But do you think if it were cancer, i would have gotten progressively worse, and not had long periods (years, at times!) of feeling fine? Could it be a stone that is lodged in my bile duct like she suggested?

I am out of my mind!!!!! Thanks for listening...
It is not unusual to have a stone or stones form in your bile duct even with your gallbladder removed. Wait until you get a valid diagnosis before getting upset-- I know that is easy to say but try not to worry!!

God Bless---Harry

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