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Stomach pains?
Mar 9, 2005
Hi, Iam new to this board and was just wondering if anyone could help me with anything.
A months ago I thought I had pulled something on my upper right hand side of my stomach a little below to where the sternum ends and a little to the right near the ribs. At first I thought I had pulled something I took it easy for a few days and the pain went away.
Then one day I drank coffee and had a bad anxiety attack and I felt the pain it was really sharp and intense. I proceeded to take it easy then all of a sudden I had apendix pains and pains going from that area to the right side of my back.
So I went to the doctor he felt the area of the appendix up said I prolly pulled something but also gave me a PPi "Protonix". It worked a little and the pain was residing gradually then 2 weeks was over and I stopped taking them but still had the one pain that one area.
So I went to another doctor got a full blood count all was well but I still had the pain in that one spot so they gave me prilosec.
After awhile the prilosec was giving me wierd reactions so i stopped taking it then 2 weeks later i had these spikey pains to the touch all around my stomach then i saw a GI he put me Protonix again and told me to come back in a few weeks and if i was still feeling bad I would get an endoscopy.
I tell you I thought I had an ulcer or something but I had no blood in my stool and alot of the times it was relieved after eating. Then i started getting other symptoms like burning in the chest etc
So protonix wasnt working I went to get the endoscopy and he found Esophagistiss, Gastritis and a Hiatal Hernia. That was last week and now iam on Nexium and it just started working after 4 days.
But now regardless even before on the protonix the other symtoms have gone away and iam left a square one where the original pain under the sternum and to the right is there but not as sharp anymore.
Does anyone know if this is still a symptoms of Gerd or that the Hernia might be causing this pain on my diaphram?
Another side of me is thinking Gallstones or something of that nature but regardless i have been freaking out over this and I never had anything wrong with me in the past.
By the way the GI took biopsys to test for H pylori he couldnt really tell by looking down there but I will know more on Friday. If i need more tests etc I will keep you posted. For I have been doing everything right my diet is clean and small meals are consumed and I sleep on an elevated pillow.
If anyone has any ideas or suggestions it would be appreciated

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