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My doctor wasn't very good either at tellling me what to eat. She said drink milk and avoid tomatoes. Ive since read that milk causes a rebound effect and increases the acid!
What do I eat?
Well, I have cut out wheat and dairy after testing - I feel a lot less bloated and uncomfortable after meals. Also wheat is quite hard on the digestive system I have read, but I wouldn't recommend cutting it out unless you have to.
Breakfast I will have a banana with wheat free museli or rice crispies, maybe with soya yoghurt or rice milk.
Lunch, maybe rice, eggs and salad, or quinoa with chicken and veg. I take it to work cold.
Dinner, corn free pasta and chicken and veg, or rice and fish and veg. Or stir fry with rice noodles.
Veg are things like broccolli, cabbage, spinach, carrots, peas, sweetcorn, mushrooms. I have no tomatoes at all. I have stopped eating ready made sauces, just have things quite plain, with a few herbs or wheat free soy sauce. No onions or garlic.
Snacks are apples, nuts (although high fat its quite slow release so doesn't seem to irritate), oaty/fruit and nuts bars, bananas, plums, no citrus at all.
Ive cut out caffeine, drink only herbal tea and water. No alcohol. I think green tea is a bit acidic, I found it hurt my stomach. No orange juice, but I like apple juice. You should also dilute juice with water.
Its all a bit plain but Im also trying not to eat gerd triggers at the moment. It does seem to be helping. It sounds very boring but Ive had more variety recently than for a long time before. I only have red meat really occasionally and try to have chicken only every other day, athough I don't think its that bad.

I also take slippery elm, which is meant to line the stomach, again Im taking this more for gerd - it helps with the sore throats. I also take acidophilus which helps with digestion. I don't really know if its helping to be honest!

Hope that helps. I hope you wil start to feel better soon, you are definately putting in a lot of effort and its so crap when you don't feel any benefit.

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