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Hi to all fellow-sufferers of heartburn,

I had been suffering from acid reflux, GERD and severe heartburn. I had an endoscopy and helicobactor pylori IGG done. All this was of no avail. I used to belch heavily, feel severe heartburn, nausea and disinclination to eat food. I had also been under constant medication, taking lots of antacid tablets, liquid and solid formulations etc.

Most doctors (gastroenterologists and GIs included in this category) are unaware of natural cures for acidity and GERD. But, through my personal experience of over three years, I have found that nature cure indeed provides VERY GOOD, HUGE & IMMEDIATE RELIEF for patients suffering from acidity and GERD.

Now, I have switched to natural cures. I rarely take any tablets and I have found that the consumption of plain raw carrot juice (after completely peeling off the outer skin and without adding sugar or salt and after removing the molasses completely, to avoid the formation of kidney stones) and plain apple juice, act very well on the acidity and reduce it considerably.

Acidity occurs when the acid content of the food and drinks in our body is higher than the alkaline content. Carrot juice is highly recommended for reducing acidity, as it is very strongly alkaline in nature.

I would also like to recommend that persons suffering from acidity and heartburn should drastically reduce their intake of tea, coffee, cigarettes, wine, meat, alcohol and other intoxicating beverages. Avoid citrus fruits and their juices. Tomatoes, lemons come in this category.

Eating fast, swallowing food in a hurry forces the person to gulp air leading to acidity and gas. So, eat food slowly, chewing every morsel of food and edible items.

Carrot Juice (One glass in the afternoon either before or after lunch. This is not recommended for dinner, as it takes time to digest before going to bed)

Apple Juice (One glass in the morning, preferably before breakfast)

Dates (4-5 pieces daily)

Lots of plain cold water at regular interval totally amounting to at least 2 liters everyday. Do not drink 2 liters at one go, as that would put heavy strain on your kidneys.

Bananas (Avoid this if you are suffering from cold, nasal congestion, runny nose, headache, etc)

Fresh, cold Yogurt (This should not be stale, sour)

Lots of plain butter milk daily

Soak two handfuls of fenugreek seeds in water at night and eat up the sprouted seeds and drink the water as well. The water and the seeds will be bitter to taste, but they are very good at reducing the gas. If you do this daily for about two weeks, you will find a lot of relief from GERD. But I am afraid that GERD is a lifetime condition and that there is no permanent cure for this condition, apart from appropriate surgery. I do not want to go in for surgery, so I prefer nature cure methods, which I find highly effective.

Avoid hot drinks (milk and all other hot drinks should be cooled considerably before drinking)

Types of Citrus Fruits to be avoided by patients suffering from GERD, Acidity
Leech Lime
Rough Lime

Avoid chocolates, oily/spicy food, non-vegetarian food, stale and sour foods, contaminated or polluted foods, pain-killer tablets and mint, etc, as they also increase acidity.

In case you are suffering from external body pain, you can apply pain balm, hot water fomentation, electric heating pad etc, instead of consuming pain-killer tablets. Do not drink anything that is hot. Cool hot things for quite sometime, before drinking.

Always ensure that there is a gap of two hours between food and lying down. While lying down, lie down to the left side, that is your left hip should touch the ground and your head should be at a raised level that is higher than your feet. Loosen your undergarments and dress, before lying down, because tight undergarments tend to push the stomach acids back up into the throat.

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