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Hi everyone I dont know whats worng with me first i thought I was allergic to advair inhaler, I have gastritis and acid reflux but after teh doc gave me prednisole for the so called allergic reaction I had form advair that got my throat swollen, I am confused.

because everytime i try to eat for teh past week, I havent been able to eat much at all in about 5 days, I feel liek a lump in my throat, the doc took an xray and my airway was fine, I am not sure whats going on, I feel like something is stuck in my throat, I have had horrific acid and chest pains from the heartburn, its been horrible for the past week, the difficulty swallowing is like right where the adams apple would be on a man in that area, thats where I feel the choking feeling.

I guess since I hav enot been eating that makes it much worse, I am not sure what this weird feeling in my throat is can it be the acid reflux causing this, everytime I eat and try to swallow, gas starts coming up and sometimes I feel as I am going to choke, and I hav eto drink water after every spoonful of food, not sure why my throat feels this way though, like something is stuck there, I have an appt with a stomach doc next week, what can I take for this, I have to eat and cant help since I feel like I will choke


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