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Hello I would like to tell my story, and I hope someone could understand me, and help me, I went to my primary doctor from my HMO, because RIGHT AFTER I EAT, I started having terrible chest pain and shorteness of breath and dizzines,blury vision, nausea, pain in my left arm and a very sharp pain in my chest,pain in my jaw, pain in the left half of my head, but also a very sharp pain in the left side under the rib cage that goes all the way through my back inmovilising pain, but the thing is that my primary doctor sent me to a gastroenterologist, who did an endoscopy, but right after that endoscopy, is when I started getting sicker and sicker,and they also did, one cat scan of my stomack and one ultrasound of my stomack and they said they couldn't find anything , and now I have lost a lot of waight, because doctors keep telling me that there is nothing wrong with me, and I find that as an insult, because here I am loosing a lot of waight, way too much even my white cells went down because of not eating enough,and because of not been able to hold any food without getting sick and the doctors instead of helping me, they keep telling me that is all in my head, that they can not find anything wrong with my stomack, and that is so very unfair and insulting, because I am in a lot of pain, and they do not help me to get rid of the pain,so that I could be able to eat like a normal person, and on top of that they tell me it is just anxiety, but I know it is not that, because I have this horrible pain in my upper left hand side , right under the breast bone, and not only that, but all this simptoms HAPPENS RIGHT AFTER I EAT, so how could I be having anxiety only when I eat, how com I do not get anxiety feelings at any other time during the day, and I have never been anorexic or bulimic or any of those, because I have been de oposite, I was married to a chef and I love good food, and when I would get upset, I would bye me a cake or ice cream ,or pizza, food would make me feel better, and that is why I get angry when they imply that,I could be anorexic or bulimic,and I am not, because for one thing I do not care about how I look,all I care about is being healthy to take care of my baby, and I know that anorexic people do not eat to get attention and I do not need attention, because I live by myself with my son, as a matter of fact in my case would be negative attention,so I find it very insulting that doctors do not beleive me that I am in real phisycal pain and they keep telling me is all in my mind, and that is why I wanted to write this message, to see if anybody out there is suffering the same kind of situation, please help, because I am getting so very frustraded, at my doctors, they keep telling me it is all on your mind, they even suggested I go to see a psichiatrist, instead of , sending me to a diferent gastroenterologist for a second oppinion, they keep telling me that they can't find anything, then they say it most be a mental problem , and I told one of the doctors,that if in the past I did not have mental problems, maby now I will have them because nobody seems to want to believe me and help me and that would drive anybody crazzy and it is so very frustrating, SO IF ANYONE OUT THERE HAD A SIMILAR EXPERIENCE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW,MABY WE COULD HELP EACH OTHER.
Thanks, ncxque_dueleasi

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[This message has been edited by ncxque_dueleasi (edited 09-17-2002).]

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