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I can only tell you what I have heard & read since having gallbladder symptoms myself - from various sources. So I don't know how true this is...

Do you have gallstones?
Because one person I heard about, and another woman I met at one of my medical tests - these people did not have gallbladder symptoms - they went for a cat scan or something else for OTHER symptoms - and were found to have gallstones, and told with gallstones they have to get that taken care of.
From what I've read, I think if you have gallstones, that's a potentially dangerous situation I guess... Maybe I guess it's like kidney stones - if they try to go anywhere, you could wind up in an emergency situation.
So I think that might be why they take out the gallbladder if they see stones, even if a person doesn't have symptoms.

On the other hand... My mother had told me that my grandmother had gallbladder disease & never had her gallbladder removed.
When I was a kid, I distinctly remember on many occasions my grandmother calling my mother at night crying in pain.
Now, mind you, we're going back 25 years... And probably 30-40 years when she was diagnosed with gallbladder disease. (She was 81 when she died in 1996.)
My mother said that my grandmother elected NOT to have her gallbladder out because she was told the surgery was not worth going through unless she was really really suffering. So she decided to just stick to a diet & deal with the 'attacks' - maybe once a month.

Nowadays, the surgery, I'm told is very very simple.
But I can understand you not wanting to have more surgery. Heaven knows, I'm scared to death about possibly having another surgery... and I've only ever had one before.

But maybe you could talk to your doctor. I mean, if you have a real trepidation about having another surgery so soon, I think it's worth addressing that with your doctors.

However, I wouldn't hold out much hope - I mean, 8% sounds awful!
But who knows, I have ALL the gallbladder symptoms, and I was 35%.

Maybe my gynocologist was right - maybe the CCK HIDA scan isn't all that accurate!

I would like to ask you out of curiosity (being someone with 8% ejection fraction or whatever, I'd like to compare)-
Have you noticed any change in the colour of your stool? Is it yellow or green?
Do you have an uncomfortable feeling on your right side? I mean, with the pain or without the pain?

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