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Hida Scan Accuracy
Sep 8, 2003
About a year ago I went to me doctor with a burning sensation in my stomach in the morning, large ammounts of gas, cramping pains in my stomach, and explosive diahreaha after eating certain types of food(this would come on very quickly). Since that time my primary care physician and my Gastroenterologist have had bloodwork, an upper Endoscopy(and biopsy to rule out celiacs disease), stool sample tests done and everything seems to be coming back normal. Lately it seems like the diahrea occurs when I eat anything with even slight ammounts of fat. I went through an Ultrascan and a HIDA scan a few weeks ago but both those results came back fine according to the Gastroenterologist. I am going in to the specialist in a few weeks to go over the results but am wondering how accurate are Hida scans at detecting GallBladder problems? All of the symptoms I have been experiencing sure seem like GallBlader problems. Is there anything else I could be missing? The doctor recently gave me some pancreatic enzymes to help digest fatty foods and those seemed like they were working until I decided to be brave with what I ate on saturday(a lean steak) and ended up back in the bathroom with diahrea and cramping. The doctors have also had me try Nexium, Achiphex but those didn't seem to have any impact on my symtoms. I feel so frustrated at this point as I am only 24 and this seems to be controlling my life.

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