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Hi zzzzlady, I have pain in the upper part on my stomach. It sometimes feels like a ball in my abdomen and I feel it travel up into my chest. I get the acid taste in my mouth as well. I went to a doctor a long time ago with the pain, He did an ultrasound and found 3 gallstones and I had my gallbladder taken. He found out as he was doing the surgery, He told my mom I had well over 100 gallstones. I still have the pain. Another doctor did an upper GI with the barium and found a sliding hernia. I just found this out last month. The pain is really hard to explain, I know it's really painful. I have the same pain as acid reflux but according to the test it said I didn't have reflux.
My doctor said I may need surgery, but I think it's because I'm having problems with it. She said I had food particles stuck in it too. At least she thinks it's food particles. She put me on medicine first to see if this helps but it has actually made it worse. I have pain everyday. She put me on Protonix which makes it hurt when I take it, but the wierd thing is, if I take pepcid or an OTC medicine it seems to help it more but I'll still have some pain just not as bad.
I really hope you feel better, I'm not sure if hernias go away, I always thought it stayed but you can take medicine to help. I read things on the internet, but it doesn't really say a whole lot. Thanks to the rest of you with the replies.

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