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I just went to the bathroom and noticed blood in my stool, And ive been having these wierd cramps/burning feeling in my stomach. what could it be?
A lot of things can cause blood in bowel movements. Sometimes small amounts, and even teaspoons of blood can be found in stools with many different causes. First, we know that the region affected is lower in your intestinal tract, probably in the last foot, because the blood is still red. When the bleeding is higher in the digestive tract, it will show up as a tarry black color. A few things to look at are first, if there is any rectal pain. If there is, it could be simply from passing a hard stool, pressure after constipation, hemorroids, or if their is extreme burning/pain near the opening of your rectum, there could be an anal fissure (small tear) in the lining of your rectum.

If you are not having any burning or pain near the opening of your rectum, it could be from passing a hard stool that may have irritated your intestions further in, which can also cause some mild cramping and/or pain. Also, if you are having cramps regularly, along with loose stools or diarrhea, it could be something more like Irritable Bowl Syndrome.

If this is the only time you've ever experienced it, it is probably no worries unless you feel extremely fatigued, light-headed, or have a fever. More often than not, blood in stools is caused by no more than an irritation of the bowels and will clear up on its own within a couple days. If it persists over several days or a week, or gets worse, consider seeing your doctor.

I hope this helped a little.
Good luck,

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