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Re: Constant Nausea
May 15, 2008
I'm inbetween jobs right now so it'll be a week and half before I can see a doctor. Meanwhile, I really want to put together a concise discription for the GI doctor when I do see him/her. I have had problems for nearly 3 years now. Two ENT doctors have diagnosed me with acid reflux. One GI doctor didn't find anything out of the ordinary. Months of nexium and protonix never really resolved the problems. I have lived the last 2 1/2 years with varying degrees of symptoms.

The last few months the symptoms have really ramped up. Primarily I have a sore throat along with the release of rotten sulphuric odor throughout the day. The last week or so I have had a hard time sleeping as I wake up with nausea and pain in my upper abdomen. The last night was simply horrible. The pain in my upper abdomen was out of this world painful and I was nauseous but couldn't throw up anything. Is this another symptom of acid reflux? My gallbladder has never been discussed. But I'm certainly considering it now. Could the odor be a result of the gallbladder not functioning properly?

During the day, I have a nervous stomache and mild nausea which flunctates. The problems seem to be when I'm hungry and an hour or so after eating. The only time I have relief is while I'm eating and a few minutes after.

By the way, a sinus infection can cause nausea. That's the surest sign that I have an infection. It hasn't ever though caused intense abdominal pain. I had antibiotics a couple of weeks before this episode of nausea so I do not think that this time it's sinus related (but will go back to the ENT just to be sure if this goes on any longer).

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