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Food Getting Stuck
Nov 26, 2006
Please someone help me!
Everytime I eat the food gets stuck or feels like it gets stuck then I have a hard time swallowing liquids to get the food to go down.
I am continually losing weight and I can't eat right.
I tried to eat a hamburger tonight and just after the first bite the food felt like it just stopped as soon as I swallow and I had to drink like half a bottle of gatorade to get it to go down and even still there still feels like there is something stuck in my throat.
I have been getting really nauseated a lot here lately.
I bloat up like a huge balloon after just the first bite of food and even just drinking liquids I bloat up.
I have green stool, my stomach burns down really low like around my belly button area but my gastroenterologist says thats too low to be heartburn or acid reflux, he says I would feel that up higher in my chest and esophagus and I don't so he ruled acid reflux out.
I don't get to the point of vomiting but it feels like I could at any minute.
I can't swallow anything and now I am scared that if I throw up anything that I throw up will get stuck coming up and choke me.
I am so scared and I am at my wits end! I don't know what else to do.
I have to stop losing weight! I am currently 128 lbs and I am 5'10".
I have begged my gastroenterologist to stretch my esophagus but he told me looking at my endoscopy that he doesn't see a reason too.
I have had every test that can possibly be done to find out what is going on with me. I've had an endoscopy, colonoscopy, hida scan, ultrasound, cat scan which with that I was allergic to the dyes the drink and the injection so of course without the dye everything on the cat scan was too dark to be seen and the doctor couldn't tell anything from it.
Please help! I just want to be able to eat normally.
I am scared of choking to death when I eat because I can't get the food to go down and I'm now scared of choking to death from throwing up.
Please help. Does anyone have these problems too?

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