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I've had this problem for a long time. After I eat, I feel strange and not like myself. I feel very "high" but also very very sleepy and my stomach hurts. My face turns red and I feel confused and slow and very very tired. That lasts for about an hour. It's the strangest thing and I've tried numerous things to make myself feel better... but with little success. Honestly, I honestly feel like I'm drunk but I don't drink alcohol. I can detail my symptoms but I truly feel like I'm drunk. It's so weird and I try to lay down until I feel better when I can. I'll also have a pretty bad headache later also.
A very respected online gastroenterologist once suggested that I have gastroparesis... or maybe carcinoid syndrome. Some other website suggested "leaky gut syndrome". Doctors really don't listen to me and just prescribe me different acid reflux medicines. They don't really help those symptoms but they say that it will help eventually and that I have gastritis. I've had a GI scan done and sonography of my stomach and organs but nothing looked unusual. I've been tested for diabetes but it's normal each time.Maybe someone here has experienced something similair and can help me.

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