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I have sooo much stomach air and alot of pressure in the stomach area. Sometimes it's so bad, I have trouble breathing until I belch (big ones too!). Over the years it has waxed and waned, and I notice on most occasions I have less bloating after I've taken antibiotics for a different problem. Has anyone had bloating and belching with their ulcer????

Belching is mostly caused by sallowing air and is belched up.
I suggest that you do a search about -- Controlling Intestinal Gas-- on any search engine and get much to read about the cause of intestinal gas!!

I have read that swallowing air is one of the first things for drs. to say. But, my problem is ALOT deeper than that. If my bowels don't move, the trapped gas distends my abdomen and literally makes it hard for me to take a deep breath. The less I pass gas on the lower end, the more I start belching! I have been diagnosed with an ulcer 7 years ago when all this started, but never connected if the two were actually related-ulcer + belching. Like I said, on occasion if I take an antibiotic, I can go months without being bloated or belching. That pretty much discredits the swallowing air theory.
I`ve had a severe belching problem for about 10yr. I want to tell you it is not from swallowing air. I really hate it when Dr.`s say your swallowing air. My problem is from eating certain foods. If you`d like to talk more let me know. I`ve suffered from this problem so much I`ve been suicidal from time to time so I really know it can get very disabling.
Sorry, I got cut off.. rural racer...I'd like to know what foods cause your belching. I have many stomach issues and belching is one of them. So please be more descriptive. Thanks.

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