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I've been on and off alot of different PPIs for the last 5-6 years. Diagnosed with GERD about 5 years ago. After a bad episode of pain and a trip to the Four years ago I had my gallbaldder removed. I still get these attacks of some sort that just KILL me. Last night was one. It's a terrible pain that starts in the center of my abdomen at the top where the rib cage meets. Like a squeezing cramping pain/pressure. It sometimes moves to the back/shoulders area in back. It feels as if you are having a heart attack. During this pain I also seem to have some regurgitation of food, and acid that comes up my throat. If I go to the bathroom and bend over the toilet, acidy stuff comes up with no effort at all. By, it's not like I'm vomitting. Then it subsides, but may come back in 15 minutes or so. These episodes can last 20 minutes to 3-5 hours. I sometimes get them 1 to 2 times per month. Last year I had a abdomen MRI and CatScan beause of a burnging stomach sensation I was having. I've also had a colonoscopy that showed mild IBS. Also an esopogram that was fine. This was about a year ago. Could there be somehting wrong with my liver, bile ducts, pancreas? Or could tis just simply be a case of bad GERD that I get when these attacks happen. It's hard to explain how it feels when you go to the doc and the attacks aren't happening. Any suggestions. I use protonis off and one. Doc said to take it when I have flare ups and use for about a month. I've been doing that. Most recently used my last perscription about a month ago. yesterday I had another bad episode (like I mentioned aboe). Had no protnoix in the house, so switched to using Prilosec OTC. Not sure if this will work. Will see. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks for listening.

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