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Hi, I'm Shannon and I just joined the board. I had chest pains a year ago and now think it is GERD or gall bladder; I know the manifestations are commonly mistaken for chest pains. I've had the typical heart workups (EKG, stress test) and am fine. I had some bodywork done by a cranialsacral therapist and at the time was really suffering from heartburn almost constantly. I didn't tell her (I'm skeptical) but she noticed it and said the top of my stomach was pushing up into my esophagus. She slid it down and showed me how to do it, and the daily pain went away. I do feel it if I eat and then lean forward or lay down, so I do think it's GERD. I also feel nauseated if I eat too much rich food, so I need to get my gall bladder checked.

My question is, can GERD and/or gall bladder problems cause chest pain when you get angry or stressed? Or when you exert yourself? I have only had pain on exertion twice and push myself pretty hard. It's hard to let go of the concern that the stress/anger chest pain is not heart related, so if anyone has knowledge of GERD/GB causing this symptom I would love it. One time the pain wrapped around the left side of my chest and into my back.

I had severe chest pains which sent me to the ER on one occasion. I have since had an extensive cardiac workup and my heart is fine. I have a hiatal hernia and gastritis and apparently one or both of them cause this pain. It does sometimes radiate to the back. It is quite upsetting. However, it isn't made worse by physical activity. In fact I can be at rest when it happens, even asleep. So if you have increased chest pain with physical activity, get it checked one more time. Perhaps it is a chest muscle, but check anyway. Unfortunately, heart problems can cause abdominal symptoms like nausea and abdominal disorders can cause chest pain. You almost have to see a doctor to figure out which it is.

I have a question for you. You mentioned that you were seeing a cranialsacral therapist, whatever that is, and she pushed your stomach back down. That sounds like a hiatal hernia. I would love to know how you do that? I didn't know a hiatal hernia could be physically pushed back down. Please tell me how that is done. Thanks.

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