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Well I had my gallbladder removed due to many stones and also inflammed a little. And although I was told before hand that removing my gallbladder may NOT solve my issues I was ready at that point to try anything to relieve the pain and discomfort. But actually I don't think it has helped me at all.

I think I either have more adhesions that are causing my problem or some sort of reflux or something I'm not sure. I have had cat scan. 2 ultrasounds, endoscope w/ biopsies, I drank that chalky stuff while they took pix of stomach and all that area and they always say NORMAL. GRRR........ Something is NOT normal. lol.

My symptoms are many. But the main ones that bother me and are really bothering me today are tightness in chest and right side, lump on right side under rib cage area, white coating on tongue, bad taste in mouth ( like coming from stomach or something) extreme bloating, gas, burping all that nasty stuff. lol..... There are tons more but some of it I think is related to my thyroid disorder as well. Like the fatigue I have I think is due to just now getting my meds regulated for thyroid problem.

Have u heard anything about your results from CT scan??

I go next Friday for another CT scan myself.. THe last one was done without the contrast and without cleansing my body out. This time they will use contrast and also I have to drink bottle of magnesium citrate the night before to clean out body since they are doing pelvic area as well...
I got my CAT scan results. I had the pelvic/abdominal scan and I had to drink that chalky stuff and also had the intraveneous dye. They say everything is normal.... They told me what all they checked and it was like the kidneys, liver, spleen, etc. but they don't say they checked the gallbladder...
I still have that lump on my right side under my rib cage like you do. Come to think of it, I also get a stomach ache every now and then that is pretty painful in my upper stomach right where the upside down "V" is where your rib cage comes together. The doctor's always dismiss it as probably an ulcer.
I also have thyroid disease. I have hypothyroidism and even when my TSH and other thyroid #'s are "normal" or even on the low end of normal I am still very tired all the time. I wonder if there is a connection since we are both experiencing the same thing.......?
Wow, they did all those tests and aren't finding anything, that would be extremely frusterating!! I am also going to pursue this and have additional testing to see what is causing my issues, it obviously can't be "nothing".
I am so sorry you are going through all that just to be told it's nothing when it's obviously something.
Take care

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