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Tanya is right about Glucophage. It gives some people digestive problems, but it has not bothered me. I was suggesting it more as a fatty liver solution. Glucophage is beginning to be suggested as a possible treatment for fatty liver. It seems to be helping mine.
Where is liver pain? I get it everywhere. You can look at an anatomy chart and see where the liver is. Draw a corresponding triangle on your belly and that basically outlines where the pain is. Most common places: 1-far right side almost up and under my rib cage. Almost seems like my ribs are hurting. 2-About where my gall bladder used to be- in the center and a bit to the right under my rib cage. 3-Under the rib cage on the far left. 4-On the right side but directly below the breast and the ribs. It starts under the rib cage and shoots straight down. There is a bile duct there that hurts sometimes.
How long does it last? I talked to my brother this weekend about his fatty liver pain. He said as long as he takes cranberry pills, he doesn't have a problem. If I eat a real fatty meal, I can feel the pain again. By brother said that if he stops taking the cranberry pills, the pain is back sometimes within an hour, but usually more like a day or two. So basically, fatty liver pain doesn't go away. You just have to manage it.
Also I wanted to mention that I wouldn't have suggested a liver cleanse except that you said your scans were negative for gall stones. I never felt comfortable moving something that is large enough to get stuck in my liver.
Hope that helps.

Good Luck.

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