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Hi All,

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had a second abdominal scan (I had been diagnosed three months ago with gallstones, but the results were vague at best) this past Friday, and the tech showed me that there was NOTHING in my gallbladder. I feel like I'm starting over at Square One! After months of thinking my problems were gallbladder related, I now don't know what to think!

My acupuncturist said that doctors often diagnose people with high stomach acid, but in fact, it's likely that the problem is low stomach acid-- that the symptoms mimic each other, but that there's such a huge market for antacids, that most doctors don't consider low stomach acid.

Several months ago after I had what I *thought* was a gallbladder attack, fainted and went to the hospital, the doc gave me Protonix, even though I had never complained of acid reflux before. I just took it faithfully until, I believe, it really screwed me up! I could barely eat-- I felt terribly full and nauseous for hours. I went off the drug and slowly that all started getting better.

I've heard of people taking betaine HCL for low stomach acid. My acupuncturist has recommended it to me, but I'm scared it will make things worse. Does anyone know of any tests for low stomach acid? Has anyone experienced low stomach acid? Again, I feel so frustrated. I'm wondering if the problems I've been having are just plain old indigestion/dyspepsia, perhaps due to stress, low stomach acid, etc. Even though I've been eating well, I still seem to have upper stomach pain and some heartburn at times.

Has anyone else suffered from low stomach acid out there?

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