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Hi all...I thought I'd update you on Friday's surgery. All went well. My doctor was able to remove it laparascopically through four incisions. The largest incision at my belly button has six staples, and the smallest on my right side has just one. He also did some procedure intraoperatively to check for stones in the common bile duct. I was admitted to the the hospital and ended up staying about 36 hours. My surgeon required an overnight stay, as he says the readmit rate for outpatients is 30-40%. In the end I was glad I stayed because I awoke from anesthesia very nauseous and in a fair amount of pain. I was treated for the nausea and pain and was NPO for 24 hours. Of course, I got absolutely no sleep while there, which added to the misery. I had to stay another 12 hours to show I could tolerate food (not so well), urinate, and pass gass. I got home late Saturday night. By this time, I was developing a "cold". I took my pain medicine (percocet) and got a pretty good night's sleep.

Fast forward to Monday morning. My cold had developed into full fledged bronchitis and caused my asthma to flare. I awoke with a fever, terribly painful cough, and I was wheezing so loudly it sounded like I was playing the kazoo. I called my PCP (didn't think the surgeon would care too much about a cough) and made an appointment for the afternoon. My PCP gave me a shot of rochephin and dexamethasone, told me to use my nebulizer, gave me a prescription for levaquin and prednisone, and told me to call back if not feeling better.

Gallbladder wise, I don't miss it so far. All I have eaten is some chicken broth, toast, and applesauce over the past few days. I really don't have an appetite at all. So far, so good. My stomach still hurts from the incisions, gas, and COUGHING, but hopefuly this too will pass.

I follow up with the surgeon next this too long to wait to get staples removed? I've never gone nearly two weeks for something like this before....??????

Thanks for all of your well wishes. I'm going to bed for now, but will keep you posted. :)

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