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Hi, I've had severe chest pain that started 4 years ago, when I was 30 years old. I got it once a month, which made me wonder if it's related to hormones changing (progesterone?). After doing a lot of research I began to think that they are esophageal spasms. It feels like a contraction under my sternum, right in the center of my chest. It lasts a few minutes, and returns every few minutes. This can go on for like 4 hours or more. It's usually at night. I wake up with it a lot. It feels like a heart attack, and radiates up to my neck/jaw. It seems to hurt more if I lay down or talk. So I usually just pace back and forth all night long until it goes away. Oh, and I have a terrible chronic cough. I've been to all sorts of doctors, who basically like to give me meds like Nexium for GERD and antidepressants! I'm not depressed. If anything makes me anxious or depressed, it's the fact that no doctor seems to take me seriously. I've tried everything the dr's gave me, from Protonix to Xanax. Nothing helps at all! I KNOW something is wrong! I've had a CXR, gallbladder u/s, upper endoscopy, and heart echo. Just showed some acid in my stomach, and MVP. I'm afraid that something serious is happening and nobody is catching it. I'm pregnant now, and so far the pains have been very mild when I get them. I even skipped a month. So again....I'm thinking hormones must trigger these spasms. But after I have the baby, I'm hoping to find another dr. who can help me. They all kind of just give me this blank stare when I tell them my story. I'm so glad I found these message boards. t's nice to see that I'm not alone, and maybe someone out there found some answers and can share them with us.

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