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I am having symptoms that are similar to GERD. I was tested using a barium swallow and it was found that I have signs of Barrett’s syndrome (I think that is what it is), and a hiatal hernia, and am getting my throat scoped on Monday. They will do a biopsy then as well.
I also have some stomach issues with upset stomach, diarrhea, IBS symptoms, etc…

I am in decent shape, 6 feet, 200 pounds. I have some belly fat, but that is about it. I do not work out (I know, shame on me), but do work around the house, in the yard, etc…

The problem I am trying to find out about is being short of breath. It is bad when I bend over. If I tie my shoe, or bend down to pick something up, I end up short of breath.

I work around the house and it wears me out, but I just figured it was an issue with being out of shape.

Does anyone else get this shortness of breath just from bending over? It is strange and I am wondering if my stomach issues are what cause my shortness of breath.

Any ideas or suggestions?


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