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Sorry you've been feeling so crumby. I've heard that burning abdominal pain is a very common complaint at doctors visits. The symptoms you describe, fullness and burning below sternum - sounds like gastritis or ulcer. Gastritis is the most common. With ulcers, you might see blood in stool or black stools. Gastritis is an inflammation of the stomachs lining. Many people will get it in their lifetime. Some develop it chornically. It can be taken care of with PPI's or antiacids and bland diet. You should definitly see your doctor and let them know. They can give you stronger, better working meds.

IBS and Crohns can cause the burning sensation in the bowels. IBS is not dangerous and has no cure. Some think stress is the cause for IBS. You will have bouts of loose stools and then constipation. Cramps are also associated with this - mild to severe. Crohn's has similar symptoms, but is a condition that requires meds and special diet.

It's reassuring that you aren't vomiting or passing blood in the stool - still, you should speak with your doctor. It's not fun to live with tummy pain - especially when you don't know the origin.

If you don't have insurance or can't afford to go to the doctor, call your local hospital. They are often aware of programs that charge by your income or doctors who offer charitable visits and charge nothing for their services for those who are uninsured or who make too much for medicaid of gov. help - yet, don't make enough to cover medical insurance.

Hope you feel better soon! I'm sure you will be feeling better soon. God bless!

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