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Hello, I am new to the board - I have been experiencing gas in my chest with pain under my left breast where the ribcage starts. I have had this for about 2 years but has gradually got worse - I used to have a break from it but now it is constant and causing problems at night - Over the years I have seen my GP and he said it was anxiety causing heartburn. I have sufffered form anxiety but at this time was ok with it. After asking to be sent to a Gastro Doctor and being refused because he said he did not think I needed to see one and my best bet would be to do yoga I fianally flipped and insisited he send me to one (something that I would not normally do but just had enough) He reluctantly did so. In the meantime I had a mammorgam which cam back clear. The NHS cancelled my appointment 4 times to see the Gastro over a period of 10 months so my husband deceided that we went private even though we could not afford it. My GP did a referall letter and in this stated that he thought all my problems were Anxiety related. As soon as the Private Gastro Doctor read this he also thought I was having anxiety problems - I said that yes I have got anxiety now becasue I am in so much pain - I had been off work for 5 months and could not do anything. The pain and gas in my chest was soo painful that is was causing anxiety. He sent my home saying that I had ibs and anxiety.

We paid £150 for that - we still was not happy so phoned the Private doctor again and insisted as we were paying that I should at least have some tests - I had not even had a blood test done nothing - so he sent me to have a Barium Enima - which came back normal - anf then he said he would relucantly do an endescope - this cost £1,300 but said he knew that he would not find anything as in his opinion i was suffering from Anxiety.

Anyway after the procedure he came back and said that he was very surprised but I had a Small Hihetus Hernia and Free Flowing Gerd and he did not think my Valve was working properly.

He booked another appointment. At this appointment he said that he would like to treat my anxiety before he treated anything else and gave me a perscription and to go back when i thought my anxiety was better.

We cannot afford to go back as all in all we have spent £2.000. The anxiety tablets he gave me had very bad side effects and so have tried another 3 lots but they have all made me worse. Finally my 5th NHS appointment came so went to that again with my husband and when he found out that I had gone private he said he could not help me and it would be best if we went back to see the Private doctor. We stated that we could not afford to go back and that the NSH should be helping us and we only went Private because THE NHS cancelled 4 times - he gave me Ozmopole (spelt wrong - whcih I have been on before no help and a ibs tabelts Colpramon, also spelt wrong)

They did not help at all and have gone back to GP on many occasions and they just keep saying anxiety and have given me Lanzaropole and Diazapam for night so I am trying them. I am still suffering form the pain under left breast and gas - and am getting very depressed - my anxiety leavels are high at the moment - but the docotrs do not seem to realise that the anxiety is not causing the symtoms but the symtoms are causing the anxiety. I am also scared that it could be heart related as my dad had angina at the age of 39 and I am 41 - Been to ER 3 times and has ECG everything normal.

Does anyone else have pain under left breast and I belch for ENGLAND and sometimes food seems to get stuck for a couple of minutes under left breast - I have tried eating less - and avoiding certain foods but no help any advice as doctors are not helping - dont know what to next!!!!!



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