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Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with GERD and mild gastritus after an upper GI, and I took Prevacid at first, then Priolsec, and now Nexium, but it has never alleviated all my symptoms. I also eliminated many things from my diet--citris, caffine, artificial sweetners, etc.--and limited other things by trial-and-error--no raw vegetables except at dinner, limited amount of fatty foods, etc. Still, my symptoms haven't gone away, and some of them are worse than they were ten years ago. I'm nauseous and bloated almost every day, I get sharp pains in my stomach, as well as cramping, and I sometimes throw up--usu. in the morning, but not always. Sometimes it's just bile; other times, it's undigested food.

I had an upper endoscopy recently, which showed nothing new. Now my doctor's testing for any gallbladder problems, and he suggested that I get that test for gastroparesis (the one where you eat a radioactive egg). At first I said no, because Iím worried about the cost, but then I went home and read the description, and it did sound just like how I feel all the time, especially the part about feeling full after eating only a little food. I generally eat something and feel full almost immediately, but then I'm often hungry again an hour or two later (if I'm not nauseous).

My question is, can you have gastroparesis for many years and live without getting diagnosed? Are there varying degrees of intensity with this illness? My pain is not severe enough to make me stay home from work. I basically just feel very uncomfortable all the time, though sometimes it's more severe and I have to spend the night on my couch rather than go out and do anything. And though my weight has fluctuated, it's been pretty steady for a few years now.

Is it worth getting the test done? I am just sick of not knowing what's wrong with me. Any information would be extremely helpful.


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