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I'm a 29 y/o male. Diagnosed w/GERD 6-7 years ago. Medication was aciphex, then prevacid for last 4 years, and now protonix with new doc, since it has a generic and prevacid is costing me close to $50 a month with Caremark insurance. Still experiencing night reflux with bad permanent cough. Co-existing conditions are gout (treated with indomethacin/allopurinol), high cholesterol (vytorin) and low-t (testosterone gel.) Family history of ulcers, polyps and RA. Even with daily PPI therapy, I often still have to hit a bottle of Pepto for some relief.

Last month or so, after eating at night, I have been flushing badly (it feels like my face is burning.) Stomach and intestines cramps up with lots of gas and burping and reflux. The pain seems to hang out towards the lower part of my abdomen. When the flushing occurs, sometimes I run a fever up to 102-103. Also when flushing, my heart often starts beating real fast like I just did a lot of exercise. During this part if I get up off the couch or bed or something I get real dizzy and seem to have trouble not bumping into stuff. Also there is a sound like something is sloshing around inside my belly a lot, especially if I bend over, like there's abunch of water in my abdomen. After the flushing passes (30 mins to an hour?) I usually get real tired and can barely stay awake. I've searched symptom lists etc. but everything I find says diarrhea and nausea but I don't have much diarrhea and I never throw up, just the acid backs up in my throat sometimes. I've never had my gallbladder out but have no pain in that area, nor an appendix removed.

This happens regardless of food type from plain bread to hot wings. It sometimes happens during the day but is much worse at night. Also happens whether or not I take or skip the vytorin/testo gel. I work usually 10am to 7 pm so I eat around 7:30 PM and go to bed around 10 or 11. cause my wife works 7 to 5. and she wants to go to bed early.

On my 3rd doc now. Last one said I had an ear infection. (!) gave me keflex and a decongestant. Current doctor ordered an abdominal ultrasound, had that last tuesday, have not heard back on results yet.

Any suggestions, leads towards possible diagnosis, anything at all that might help me give my doctor somewhere to look, would be greatly appreciated. Also, if I need to move this somewhere else, that would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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