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I need help with understanding my Daughter's illness. I am sorry if this post is a little long, but I do not know where to turn.
In Dec. 06, my healthly, runner, happy Daughter came down with what was called a stomach virus, just before Christmas. She was able to hang in a travel to our first ever all family Christmas. This was just the beginning. She never got well, the nausea continued off and on. She saw Dr.#1, she gave her Protonix and sent her home. No help, but soon pain came into the picture especially middle of the night, early morning. Dr.#1 wants to give her anxiety med. She says no and goes home to suffer. After a particular bad episode, she gots to UC and sees Dr.#2, who gives antibotics. They seem to help, but the pain comes back. To make a long story shorter, Dr.#4 orders an ultrasound and sees so many stones in GB. A month later, surgery. She is so happy to have it diagnosed and now can get well. It has been 6 months to get the ultrasound. Surgery, goes well, she is 35 healthy, just sick. We are all relieved that now she will be well again. It was not to be. The nausea and now add urgency to the mix. The illness continues, she had upper endoscopic exam last month, no help, no diagnosis.
Now, when the GB surgery did not help, she began to fear the nausea and when it would start get very nervous from the feeling. She works in a large office where she cannot leave the phone and go take a break to feel better.
Dr.# 5, seeing the one test is negative, prescribes anti-depressant and Xanax. The Xanax this weekend made the nausea, much much worse. Why won't the Doctors treat the whole person? Does one test do it all when you look healthly only skinny? I don't know what to tell her she is so discouraged.
I love her and live far away. Please help. They have her beat down, I think.
Thank you to anyone who writes.
hi there, i kind of went thought the same thing a few years ago. I got some odd stomach bug got better then it would come back. I couldnt eat or it would make me feel so sick. The pain was awful. I too with my mom in tow went from doc to doc. I was told it was IBS every time. Of course it wasnt. I finally for through every test in the book for stomach issues. I started to get depressed, couldnt go to class or work. Finally my regular family doc said i actually think you are suffereing from anxiety. He refered me to a great therapist. Once i had a couple sessions with her and descided to take meds for it, i started to feel relieved. Its now been 4 years and im feeling pretty normal again. I didnt want to have to take meds but i will say its been a life saver. When i first started takeing the xanax i would only take a half a pill. It made me so sleepy. I hope this is of some help for you and i wish you all the luck with getting your daughter to feel better. btw i was only 21 when this all happened to me.

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