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Hope this is the right board. I didn't see a general gastro board.

I'm a 35 yr old male. Have had ongoing abdominal pain (lower and upper) and distension for 3 months. Was admitted to the hospital 1.5 months ago, diagnosis was mesenteric adenitis. iv antibiotics followed by prescription antibiotics got rid of the infection. However, abdominal pain still exists. First abdominal CT w/ contrast was negative after mesenteric adentis cleared up. Upper endoscopy and colonoscopy both had no visual findings. Still waiting on random biopsies. Multiple blood tests have come back "All within the normal range." Constantly feel full, can only eat a couple of bites, but still feel hungry. Recently noticed what I think is called Diastasis Recti (it's too big to be a hernia I think), which is commonly found in pregnant women and babies, and unless I'm a medical marvel, I'm not pregnant.

Lower pain is on both sides, upper pain, among feeling full, is directly beneath the sternum -- tender to the touch.

My docs are stumped, I'm stumped. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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