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I am a 46 years old and my doctor had a utra sound done on my liver and kidneys to see why I was having pain in my stomach. I was not feeling good and the pain hit me all at once. The ultra sound came back and my doctor told me I had sludge on the gallbladder and she ask me would i consider having surgery in having it removed. I want to know if I have this done will it make my stomach go down because it gets really big especial when I have my period each month. I want to feel better but I do not want to go through with the surgery if I do not have too.

Is this life threating if I do not have it done. And how bad is the surgery. I have a 12 year old son and I need to take care of him and I want to feel better. So having the surgery will it help me? I had three kids my daughter is 25 years old and my son is 20 and a half years of age. As you can see I waited a while before I had my children but really waited when I had my last child now 12. I went back to my weight after having my children and I never had a stomach, now my stomach is standing out like i am having another baby, will this surgery help with making my stomach flat again.

I had cystic on my ovaries and i still have pain on my right side. Will this be a problem if I decide to have surgery on my gall bladder? I just want to be heathly, please let me know if I should have surgery on my gallbladder to have the sludge removed? Also I have a high inhernal with acid reflux sorry for my spelling will this surgery help cure me from acid reflux?

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