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[QUOTE=Annette123;4072771]My symptoms are pretty much the same. but by any chance do you also feel full or heavy where the hole is between your breast along with some belching and bloated all at once. No matter what i eat , especially tords dinner time. I also am stessed and have lots of anxiety. I've been suffering this for aleast two and a half months straight. I've been eating without fat or grease even no condiments on my food. I eat the most is grilled chicken and steamed carrots and green beans. just about every meal for dinner. for lunch i eat a simple sandwich and for breakfast i'll have a bowl of cereal. used to drink lots of coffee so i stopped drinking it. hopefully with this diet i can make a difference thanks for your info.[/QUOTE]

I have no gallbladder but suffering from alot of anxiety and depression for the last 2 months with all the swine flu scare and just family stuff. I noticed my stomach problems have come back. I started to belch and bloating. Plus I feel full all the time. Will stress, anxiety and depression do this to you? Somedays I feel really good and my mood is good but then other days I feel like crying. Does anyone else feel like that.

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