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I just stumbled on to this thread searching for an answer to my pain. I have very similiar pain to those that have posted here...but I would also like to put mine out there hoping I could get an answer.

I've had the pain for over a month now (with 2 separate occassion - 1 day and 3 days where there was no pain whatsoever for those few days). Then the pain just came back. It has been there everyday.

The pain is just on my right upper abdomen, just under the rib area. I could put two fingers to it to pinpoint it exactly. It would be there when I wake up until I go to bed.

Characteristic of the pain: most of the time it is just in that area, but sometime it would move further right along the curve of the rib cage and sometime it would be right below the sternum. It has caused some nausea while I was on a trip (during this month), but since I came home, not much nausea. The pain is a dull ache that is very apparent when I'm standing up and walking around. Sometimes feels like a cramp when it's under my rib cage.

Food (type and volume) doesn't seem to affect it. Varies in intensity during time of day, but not by very much. Pressing on it does not make it fact, when I walk, I would hold on to the spot to lessen some of the pain.

Sitting in a driver position (while driving) helps. Laying down flat basically alleviates the pain completely. But once I'm up, it's back.

I've had bloodworks, ultrasound, stool, urine tests done and all came back normal. Haven't had scopes or ct scan or other imaging yet tho.

The doctor told me it was just gas...but it does not feel like that.

I'm at wit's end and would appreciate any wisdom from anyone that may have had this and came to some sort of a diagnosis.


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