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hello new to board,
Was reading some of the other people who have exact same symptoms and all seem to have a few things in common.

One we have reflux issues, and are on some sort of meds / im on aciphex again. Tho I have never had this sort of pain before. next thing we have is that many have hiatal hernias. and possibly some of us are alot over weight. story of america right now.
I have not had tests other then bloodwork all normal. I have had reflux issues for a long while i have slept at about 45% angle for 10 yrs now on my back only. Couldnt ever sleep if i had to be on my side and never flat. I cant even lay flat at a doctor office more then 10 min makes me dizzy.
But back in June of this year I decided to try to get more healthy food in me and shop now only at fresh n easy. I thought great ill eliminate alot of salts and preservatives use my own recipes .. i tried using some lime or lemon on my chicken with cilantro. no pepper no salt just herbs.
well 2 times of that and i got that horrible pain right under my left breast. now when i reach forward toward something with my left hand say crossing over to the right side say to pick up anything or such, I get sometimes a very uneasy feeling as if my heart skips a beat and i have to catch breath a few moments.

Then at times i have had just the pain after i eat something with the hint of citrus acid. I stopped doing anything with citrus acid or such and got back on aciphex via doctor who told me possible ulcer i should get endo ( but im petrified of that due to in this town you dont get stuff done with out being sure who or whats going on there is a big lawsuit in town some doctor was exposing many patients to hep c and hiv due to not cleaning equipment befoer next patient and reusing some of the med bottles for anesthesia. Great huh? ) So unless im absolutely dying I wont go near that stuff.

So I have a feeling it is ulcer/ coupled with some hiatal problems. I hope i can get rid of it. I need to loose weight and am trying now with no lemon or citrus flavorings.
I didnt get this type of pain ever before June incident eventho a few years back i had stomach issues, due to pain stress of an ankle issue. but eventually it was all ok i could eat tacos mildly spiced etc.. Now i cant touch any of that.
Anyway it is a scarey feeling having this pain sometimes when there is no one to tell you what it is.
Im glad i found this site to help ease my mind a bit. As worrying can always inflame worse ulcer i hear.
Ill keep watching this site daily for any other similarities that i can relate to or relay to my own doctor next i go.

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