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Well 2 weeks ago these symptoms I'm about to describe just attacked me again without any warning. I had similar symptoms that lasted about 3 weeks back in November, but went away until 2 weeks ago. They are as follows:

Pain in abdominal area if I inhale deeply
Pain radiates toward my back
Pain can be amplified if I press below my sternum or just right or left of it
Food makes it worse
Different positions makes it worse (i.e. lying on my right side or turning over in bed too quickly
I seem to have much more acid indigestion than I've ever had, and sometimes when I burp food will come up. I also have more gas than normal.
If I hyper-extend my stomach, it feels terrible (i.e. push my stomach out).
No vomiting, I do not feel fatigued and I have not lost weight. I do not have chest pain, no shortness of breath and no palpitations, etc. Heartrate appears to be normal (65-78bpm).

In August of this year I had my heart checked, chest xray and a full blood panel because I was having panic attacks. All came back normal. 3 months later, these pop up. In March of this year I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, and I have a followup on the 23rd of this month with my GI to address these issues and to see how I'm doing. Unfortunately, I'm also amidst a small flare which makes this entire ordeal pretty sucky. My GI just ran a stool test for C-diff and another blood panel that I suppose were normal since they never called me about it.

From what I've read it sounds like a gallbladder issue or something. I will be requesting an abdominal ultrasound or something.

Strong antacids do not seem to work to hinder my indigestion when I have it. The only other, possibly significant, piece of info I can offer is 3 months ago I started a rigorous weight-lifting regime. This has happened twice since then. I doubt their connected but it makes me wonder. I am taking a week off to see what happens but so far nothing has changed. There is an occasional day when I feel perfectly fine but the next day I'm back to having this annoying pain.

Oh, I'm a 27 year old white male, non-smoker, mild drinker (i.e. once a week and not heavily) and generally eat well. I also use Probiotics and take Lialda for my UC. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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