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Hope someone can diagnose my symptoms.

Iím 48, male, and have always previously been in good health. However, over the last year or so Iíve been suffering some symptoms which appear to be of a digestive nature. Initially the most pronounced symptom was a rather unpleasant sensation of undigested matter, which felt like it was backing up all the way to my windpipe (this was most evident when I was lying in bed). Also, when I passed stools, I always felt that there was more to come, as if my digestive system hadnít completely Ďemptied outí.

However, over the last six weeks or so, my symptoms appeared to have become more numerous. Specifically, I am now often awoken by my digestive system in the night, and as a result of my sleep being disturbed on an almost nightly basis I feel very tired in the daytime (this may be a symptom of my underlying problem, as well as being an unwanted side effect?)

In addition, I am now passing stools on an increasingly infrequent basis; beforehand, I would say I did so every 2-3 days, whereas now itís every 3-4 days). I would however say that there has been no noticeable change in their colour or consistency.

I would say that I have a relatively healthy diet; we donít often have high-cholesterol items/fried food, and I would say my caffeine and alcohol content is relatively modest. I have done a little research into dysmotility & IBS, but in the absence of expert medical knowledge am not sure if my symptoms are related for certain to either of these conditions. I have had blood and stool tests, neither of which have shown any abnormalities.

If anyone is able to point me in the right direction as regards a possible diagnosis, and/or knows of any appropriate resources, Web-based or otherwise, I would be very grateful.

Thanking you in anticipation.[/QUOTE]
I used to have similar problems as you describe - however I had to take quite a high dose of antibiotics for an unrelated problem and was advised to take a good quality 'probiotic' [antibiotics kill good bacteria as well as bad] to keep my bowel in shape - I have found that taking 'acidophilus' probiotic - one every morning - has really helped my bowel - I no longer have IBS. type problems. Might be worth you giving them a try.

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