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Can anyone relate to my stomach problems after gallbladder removal. Im at my wits end. I had a stomach ulcer last summer then had to have my gallbladder removed last October. I have been constantly vomiting and in pain. Its difficult to eat an I get a lot of bloating too. The vomiting has eased off but I still get a lot of pain esecially when I eat. My gastro wont do anything lthough an endoscopy showed gastritis. It is agony and I just want it to go away. I wouldnt wish this suffering on anyone and it has affected my social life. Also when Ive been sick I have had agonising pain like a spasm in my chest. I have had to go in hospital a few times. I wonder when it will end. All I want is a normal stomach back,to eat my meals wthout all this. Ive now come off any meds that mightupset my stomach and only take Lansoprazole and Gaviscon now. Any doctors got any advice? My life isa misery because of this and no one seems able to help. Thanks.

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