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Well, mine took many years of mild symptoms and mainly anxiety and depression, psychiatric drugs (now off of) really began my downfall, then the stomach ppi drugs completely flipped my intestinal equilibrium. My ND said it was a combo of a undiagnosed autoimmune disease (fibro and arthritis) mixed with the meds, especially tummy, the stress, lack of good bacteria, parasites, etc.

I began in all stomach meds this past August. It is soooooooo slow, gastritis and reflux are some of my main symptoms, but there are so many, bloating (ibs, etc). I have been on alot of herbs, but i am so sensitive to supplements and herbs that treating me seems to be taking longer than expected. wild essencce of lavender oil, oregeno oil (topical), probiotics, vitamin D# spray under tongue, omega drops, iodine, etc. I am slowly improving and gaining weight but on a very limited diet still. I also went gluten and dairy free this past March, it has helped. I think i am not making proper enzymes for lots of foods yet. Was on digestive enzymes but not sure if those hurt my tummy? Have to pick and choose now b/c its all so expensive. Dr said to keep seeing improvements for 18 months...whic is good, but oh my, i feel like i've never met anyone like me. What do you eat? I do potatoes, sweet potoates, chicken, wild salmon, pretty good amount of veggies, almond milk, some goat cheese, millet, brown rice, etc.. this is hard, looking to see what you eat.
Yes, i am low sugar too...i think i may be eating too much fruit..i have one to two bananas a day. I am trying to help my thyroid get back and the dr said to really watch the sugar. I have not eaten a raw apple or pear in eons, well i did tryone a few months agao but it really hurt my everything has to be steamed. Better than when i was on pureed foods for four months not long ago. I haven't eaten at a restaraunt in a very long time. My dr says i can't do raw lettuce yet and its just so limited what i can that i just am waiting till i can eat more raw foods. I used to feel like the flu and migraines alot but now i just will feel weak (really) and major anxiety. I am blessed the migraines have gotten so much better (knock on wood:). I am having a VER HARD time with supplemets, maybe i'll check those out as i am low in the B's and have a hard time, like you, absorbing nutrients. This is incredibly challenging introducing supplements, seeing how i react, etc. I like the idea of a powder b/c i can control how much i take in to try. I used to be on aloe but this ND said i didn't need to be which i've always been curious about...anyways, there are so many things out there. That is amazing you can eat raw green peppers, i've heard they are very hard to digest but whatever food we respond well to, all the better! :) Its funny how each of us is so different. You make some smilar dishes that i do, i used to be a huge cheese fan pre-sick days but have not found an alternative that is worth it yet, i've tried the almond cheese (has casein-milk) soy and rice seem to have a lot of ingredients...and taste you know ;) so i try to do lots with olive oil, make my own chicken broths, some goats cheese, real salt (brand with minerals) per my ND, etc.

When i was a teenager i had some depression issues and mitral valve prolapse/tachardia and purple spots on feet but was always told everything else was in my head, so i didn't feel great but had a very active life, when i was in my late teens i started getting bad panic attacks and depression but got self help books and said NO to medicines, then i was feeling pretty well and even had a baby at 22 and was so happy and eating so well but still had some joint things, mild anxiety then had a huge nervous collapse at 26 due to some stress issues and after drinking heavily at a company picnic...hence why i turned to meds and finally succumbed to them saying see, you were in these psychiatric boxes and it came back but it seemed wierd b/c i felt so great for like 7 years psychologically....well then i became physically ill coming off all the psychiatic meds (wasn't about to stay on those) and then severely sick on stomach meds. I've had migraines, arthritis, chronic fatigue, agoraphobia, vertigo, anterior uevetis (eye), shingles, gerd, gastritis, ibs gallbladder crap...oh the list goes on and so i sought out an ND after getting so ill on the stomach drugs. I haven't worked since Jan 2010 b/c things were so rough and i was losing weight by the day. The ND said when i had mono years ago (he saw all of this in my eyes fingernails and tongue, i didn't write a word of it down or tell him my history besides digestion and anxiety struggles) it began an inflammation process in me which triggered fibrolmyalgia related illness and was very real but of course undiagnosed and then years of not addressing it and medicnes supressing it made all kinds of new problems...hence where i am at...digging my way out of hell...but i'm getting there. My hugest struggles currently are digestion and anxiety but i know i'm getting better :) Its definitely the journey of my life as you can imagine. Of course you and i had other intentions at these times in our lives...but que sera've just got to deal with what you've got. I am learning to not run from it anymore and face it psycholgically and physically and it really helps i've completely turned my belief system around about how our bodies an medicine works.

Well, a bit of history. I hope we can keep sharing notes on our seperate but similar journies. I send healing energy and stregth your way! Off to watch a family movie with my guys. :) take care.

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