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I don't no if this is the right thing to do. Or if I'm just being negative? I worry it's not going to fix anything by having the surgery. Then I think, if I don't, what if it could fix the problem?I have people that say do it, then I have people that say get a 2nd opinion. Then I have people that just look at me like I'm crazy. HAHA. My husband says that, it was great that the surgeon didn't just say- lets get the surgery rolling & jump the gun. If he was money hungry, he wouldn't have left it up to me?He was honest & said he couldn't be 100% sure, but he 'thought' it would help. I guess that is what I'm stuck on. I can't find alot of research about the overactive gallbladder. So, if there is anyone that knows of a good site for info, I would love to hear it.

I feel ill all the time. Very unmotivated, running a fever, headache. Along with the pressure & fullness in my right side & my back hurts, gas pains & belching. I don't no what else to do other than do the surgery & see what happens.

I'm just needing someone to talk to, sorry if I'm not making sense :)

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