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It could be anything or a few things or well label it one thing malnutrition. It could simply be an allergic reaction that you need to avoid certain types of food. For all you know your not sick and its just needing more and different food. I doubt a medication can replace food. For your anxiety you have to work on relaxing techniques and work on your sleep habits maybe take a walk to get tired. Stop labeling yourself as a sickness, don't want to be sick then how can you fix this situation? Read below..

So getting better food have you tried angel food ministries (dot) com they give good food for very low price a box every month they do take food stamps. You can get more than one box!. Have any seniors in the home they can get meals on wheels call them. Word of advice no more ramen noodles its just salt how about: beans-potatoes-brown rice-bananas-bread-powder milk-oatmeal- pasta- tomato sauce-peanut butter-can veggies-etc think BULK cheap healthy not ramen noodle. Your better off with a bag of beans and can of peas than ramen noodles if you really want to think healthy yet cheap and long lasting. What about making big batches of different and affordable soups each month and freezing it and spreading it over the month. What about eggs and adding cheap veggies to them (onion, tomato, bell pepper etc.) again your better off doing that then ramen noodles. Meat is more expensive but if your eating some protein like egg meat is not everything but if you can get meat- get ground turkey or ground chicken, and salmon and tuna by the can. Think bulky healthy not bulky junky. It's time to reorganize what you do buy with what you have.

Living conditions its time to rethink your rent price, can you go to section 8 can you find a cheaper place to move. Rethink that it could save up more money for food even if its means smaller living quarters.

You need help with work call Goodwill that is goodwill (dot) org they have employment specialist that will train you for work, they will locate you work is it hard when your sick yes is it easy its not but once you start working what do you get money, healthcare, and food. That first pay check just imagine all you can accomplish over time. What! no clothes for work, call Salvation Army and Goodwill they have plenty they'll get you clothes. You need to talk to a counselor call THE SAMARITANS!

Now health care in Orlando FL for free call them. I'm not sure how far off they are from you but call them they prob know some place in the area! Take the whole family for a health check up.

Shepherd's Hope, Inc

Don't end anything never say that again what about your loved ones they need you for your the strong one, this is life remember there are ups and downs and there is a rainbow at the end of the rain if you will look for it, but it starts with you. Didn't you hear about the homeless guy who had nothing to riches he's now on the radio. Actively seek!

I do believe once you start actively seeking the resources you will find that you can do this. Now you wanted me to be honest and real and I gave it to you, and that is you can do it!

P.S. no more weed your hurting your health and wasting money and energy on being productive! It's time to change.

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