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Hello there, I am 18 and new to this site. I hope to maybe find some advice or support from your lovely community. My story is quite a long one and rather complicated. I dont want to bore you all with the details right now, but if anyone would like to know more then I will post at a later stage.

[I]It all started when I was a young child, about 5 years old. Tummy pains, sickness. They would come and go. I spent alot of time in the medical room during first and middle school. I had my last bought of vomiting when I was about 13 (still not sure what caused it) and I was very poorly for about a week afterwards.

Then a bit over 3 years ago things started to get worse. I have always been a low weight (either on or below the underweight line) but I lost about 6kg. This was due to nausea, loss of appetite, and abdominal pain which caused a fear of food. But since last year I have been forcing myself to eat as not to lose anymore weight. But as far as my weight goes it is around the 37kg mark right now. Not good![/I]

[B]Here are my symptoms I can think of right now:[/B]
- Upper Abdominal Pain (sore/burning/aching/prickling/'stitch' feeling/or just hurting!)
- Back Pain (Seems to be related to the abdominal pain)
- Nausea
- Constipation (Not typical though)
- Poorly Formed very soft stools
- General Lower Abdominal Pain
- General Abdominal Discomfort
- Big Abdominal Bloating
- Tiredness/Tire Really Easily
- Feeling of Fullness Quickly Whilst Eating
- Mouth/Tongue Ulcers
- Hair loss
- Cold Hands and Feet that go Blue/Purple/Blotchy
- Really Sensitive to Heat/Cold
- Leg/Feet/Toe/Hand/Tongue Cramps
- General Body Aching
- Food Intolerance (Milk, and maybe another?)
- Some Chest Pains
- Sometimes food comes back into throat (NO VOMITING)
- Sometimes have shortness of breath/Find it hard to breathe
- Sometimes Upper Lip has Blue Tinge
- Osteoporosis

[B]And More Recently (In the past couple of weeks)[/B]
- Sore Throat
- Uncontrollable Burp After Everything I Eat or Drink (Even Water)
- Feeling Dizzy
- Oily Film on Water after bowel movement


Up until now no one has believed me. I have been shurgged off that all my problems are entirely nutritional and if I 'just ate' then everything would be fine. (As I said loooong story) But I do eat, I am eating, alot. And it hurts like hell! It is definitely not making any of these symptoms go away.
I recently (beginning of March) moved doctors surgeries and asked for a private referral to a gastroenterologist (the 4th one I've seen). I had my first appointment with her yesterday and she was lovely! Listened to me, my symptoms and seems to want to help. Horay!! :) She sent me off for an ultrasound today of my upper abdomen, but I think it was pretty normal :( I am just waiting for the report now. And not sure what will happen next.
(I have had an endoscopy and colonoscopy last year July 2010. It only showed mild chronic gastritis and non specific inflammation).

In the meantime though, the pain and feeling so ill is becoming unbearable. And I'm not sure how much longer I can force myself to eat this high amount of food. The pain is bad, as is the nausea and with no appetite its becoming very hard. But I cant afford to lose any weight!!

As you can imagine I am becoming desperate and to the point where I am getting so scared that I'm not actually going to wake up in the morning. Which is horrible. I just feel that ill.

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