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This will be rather long and I apologize but I feel I need to explain all that has gone on to hopefully get some help. Last September of 2010 I had a total knee replacement. I was tested positive for MRSA (STAFF Infection) and was given different meds prior to the surgery to prevent any problems. I had the surgery and was given antibiotics, pain killers, blood thinners and stool softeners. After coming home, the third week I got very ill. I was running to the bathroom and had severe nausea. The third day of this I took Imodium for the diarrhea and it stopped. However the nausea continued until I started taking promethizine for nausea. That did help.
Since that time the nausea continued. I started having constipation and took stool softeners for that. My stool was very large and round (not Long) Straining was terrible. The stool was very dry and then I started having white stringy mucus with the bowel movements. I would have some cramping and it would pass as soon as the bowel movement would stop. Now, I went to the doctor and he said I had the flu, give it time. By January it continued. I had severe nausea and didn't want to eat. Passing mucus and the large round bowel continued. It was bad for two weeks straight. Also I forgot to mention that a burning in my throat started when the flu started back in Oct. The doctor gave me omeprazole (SP?) for the burning and it helped but still having some since. He also said he thought I had IBS because people with Fibromyalgia usually have that. By the end of February, the nausea had continued severely and belching and gas. I had a ultrasound of the abdomen to check for gall stones followed by a hida scan. Both were negative. However, my symptoms were reproduced with the hida scan and I was sent to a surgeon. he took out my gallbladder and the nausea has been much better. He said the gallbladder was severely inflamed and stuck to my stomach. Now the constipation has continued. I tried align for 42 days and I had somewhat of a normal bowel movement a few times. I have been on pain meds since the knee surgery. Norco 10/325 I am two weeks post gallbladder surgery. I started Metamucil 4 days ago. 2 days ago I started having more mucus, white and stringy and light brown but now with streaks of blood. I do not see blood in my stool but I do in the mucus. The constipation has continued but has been easier with the Metamucil. I also have had bouts of burning in the lower abdomen prior to the gallbladder surgery and now after, some. I am about at my wit's end. I work a full time job and have a boss who does not understand. She told me no more surgeries after the gallbladder and I can not bear to tell her something else is wrong. Please, I know this is crazy but would really appreciate any input. Thank you!!

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