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Where to start..I have had digestive issues for years,had my gallbladder last checked about a yr. and a half ago,and one quick little ct scan with no contrast or anything...(at e.r) ok doc sends me to a GI specialist,ok his EXACT do u sleep? well,not real well cause of my neurological disease and ruptured disc. are u depressed,ummm noooo I haven't been depressed ever since I became a christian and had rape counseling 10 yrs ago(was horribly sexually abused as a child) his next words,,,with no exam or ANYTHING..ahhhhh that was my next question were u ever raped etc... u have IBS!!!!! fast forward to now....about a mth ago I started getting waaaayyy worse,I get some knd of attacks,where i hve what appears to be EXTREME gas in the very very top of stomach and under right ribs,puts soooo much pressure in my chest that I canNOT hardly breathe..and I promise u it is NOT panic attacks lthough now I AM HaVING panic because its REAL scary whn u cant hardly breathe!!!! also feels like a lump is in the center of my throat and like food and pills get knda stuck there ,like they take a lot longer to go down,I also get pain in the back when it happens and a severe burning pain in back!!! I am takin..probiotics now,prilosec,eating tums like candy,bentyl,drinking buttermilk constantly,taking milk of magnesia..u name it!! NOTHING is helping me,its like I can not possibly burp enuff,PLEASE anyone have any ideas thoughts?? its literally ruining my life ,i'm now having bad anxiety and getting worried about going out in public for fear of it doing that and me panic'ing in public..sorry so long! desperate for answers,,oh yea I have an appt. Monday with the same jerk GI (small town) only one more thing that may sound weird but several times I could swear simply bending forward brought the attacks on,I told my hubby its so much pressure that if I didnt know better "it feels like my tummy is up in my chest"!!!

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