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To start off, sorry for the long post but I have been experiencing my symptoms (I'll list them below) for almost two weeks now. I am a 20 year old male, about a pack a day smoker, rare/very occasional drinker. Have cut down smoking to 2-5 a day since symptoms, planning on quitting after all this. I went to the doctor's about a week ago, was diagnosed with gastritis and given zantac. After a couple days of taking the zantac I realized that it was only making me feeling worse and I switched to a natural healing process...good diet, a lot of water, mastic gum and probiotics. It seems to be way more effective, but I still have some problems and questions I want to ask. First here are my symptoms:

- hungry all the time/every 2-3 hours
- hunger can be pretty intense
- very hungry upon waking up
- can only eat a small amount of food before feeling "full"
- abdominal pain on/off throughout the day (center above belly button mostly)
- abdominal pain is eased by eating MOST of the time
- abdominal pain is more persistent at night.
- abdominal pain is gnawing, or feels like hunger, makes noises
- bloating, abdominal warm to touch.
- burping
- slight fatigue sometimes, worse at night
- sitting for a while aggravates stomach, standing can ease pain
- back pain
- woke up with sore throat one day, went away by next day
- diarrhea, stool always looks same (very light brown, no blood, breaks up)
- NO headaches or throwing up, but slight nausea occasionally
- slight confusion (hard remembering everything I did the day before, etc.)


I have not been tested for h. pylori, or any other tests YET.
I plan on going to see another doctor, but I have to wait until next week. [/B]

Now for the questions I have.

1. I was burping a lot, but it gave me no stomach relief. Now I am burping less, after my meals but it relieves some pressure and makes me feel better. I still get burps that do not relieve. Anyone else experienced this or know why? Could it be a sign of healing? Burps tasted like mastic gum at first, now they don't and taste like the food I have eaten, any mastic gum users have had this?

2. I have only been on any treatment for about a week, and I do feel better somewhat. Wondering how long it usually takes to turn a digestive problem around with good diet or mastic?

3. Being active and moving seems to make it feel better. Should I keep getting a lot exercise or should I limit myself? Will being too active limit the healing process of a digestive disorder?

4. I now have swollen gums only as of today. Feels like I got my wisdom teeth out again, but a few days after the surgery. Not terrible, but can feel it. Gums are red, and inflamed. Been brushing after every meal, and salt water rinse. Anyone else have this? Any recommendations? It has gone down since been taking better care, could be unrelated but who knows.

5. I feel like it could be H pylori, or an ulcer. Anyone think the same? My mom said she has had ulcers, but doesn't think she was tested for H pylori and didn't even know what it was and said she was just given a PPI.

6. I took accutane 3-4 years ago for 6 months. Have had some diarrhea on/off since then, but no real stomach problems. Just more frequent & sudden bowel movements. Could it have anything to do with it? IBS? IBD?


Thanks for anyone who can reply with any thoughts, opinions, or their similar symptoms and diagnosis. I cannot wait to go get some tests done, but am looking for opinions in the meantime.

I tried to include all info possible, but probably left some out. If you want to know anything else just ask and I'll answer the best I can.

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