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Hello all,

Well let’s see if anyone has a guess at this.

I went to the ER 8/2/11 because my Right Side below my rib cage feels sore and if I push in it hurts. I can feel it when I walk or breath real deeply or move around.

The Dr pushed on different parts on stomach said to low for gall bladder and to high for appendix most likely, and I have no fever.

What else could it be? Gas? Torn/pulled muscle.

He said probably not liver cause I’m not Jaundice, no ultra sound was done.

I do feel a lot of gas but not sure it’s that cause it feels sore up and down right side, I had my gallbladder checked a few years back also.

It has been 3 days, and prior to this ( 2 days before) I did have a mild fever and upset stomach. I also did drink a lot of alcohol, Thurs-Saturday, and haven’t for 4 days now ( could my liver be inflamed still? )

Thank you for reading! Any more info needed just ask.

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