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I had surgery for a ruptured appendix in June. About a month ago, I began having abdominal pains and 'flares.' I had a colonoscopy (no problems there) and an upper endoscopy which showed gastritis. Was also checked for C. diff and had several biopsies done, which (thankfully) turned out well. Still feeling quite miserable.

I had an ultrasound of the abdominal region Friday and am awaiting results. They are mostly focusing on the gallbladder. No stones found thus far that I've been told; more like it's not functioning correctly; though, not sure yet.

I began having chronic diarrhea 17 years ago after delivering my youngest. Took Elavil for years, which helped the diarrhea, but still have always had some digestive issues and not felt right. I'm thinking the surgery kicked up the problems.

Frankly, I'm very leery of gallbladder surgery, as it seems so many people end up feeling worse afterwards. Of course, it depends on the outcome of my tests, and if I have to bite the bullet and there are no options, I'll have to do it. Probably getting way ahead of myself here, but just looking down the road at possibilities. Any opinions as to whether or not to get a gallbladder removed, and does it really help gastritis? Thanks for any thoughts.

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